2 step odor cleansing system for wigs

Chevelure Cleanse & Control 2 Step Odor Cleansing System cleans and controls odors caused by moisture and bacteria in both Synthetic and Human Hair wigs. This no-wash Wig treatment is perfect for maintaining a continuous clean, wear after wear.


chevelure product highlights

• Eliminates odors at the source
• Effective against all odors
• Contains No harmful VOC’s
• No-Wash & No-Rinse Required

• Long lasting odor defense
• Scent Free Formula
• Simple 2 step application

2 step odor cleansing system
step one: cleanse

Uniformly spray the inside of the soiled wig with Step One: Cleanse. Allow to dry 4-6 minutes before applying Step Two: Control.

step two: control

Uniformly spray the inside of the cleansed wig with Step Two: Control. Blow-dry on cool setting or air-dry before wearing.


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